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Bally and Diesel

A Boykin's Life

Our Story

** All the Boykins pictured on this site are Black Mariah Boykins**

Our farm is owned by Tracy Pickens and Russell Fowler. They have been business partners operating the Haberdashery for 25+ years now. Russell's father accquired the bell that was on the Black Mariah Train that ran through downtown Conway some years ago, and they decided to name the farm, Black Mariah Farm. All of the Black Mariah Boykins are named after trains, train parts, or stations. 
Tracy's Story:  
We have been raising Boykins since I got my first one from Chris Bishop over 25 years ago. My family and my partner's family own a 25+ acres farm with ponds/swimming holes and lots of open land for the dogs (and kids) to run and play on and in. We tend to breed for wavy to curly hair, short snouts and not too tall. Our dogs have hunted in the past but are now pets for the most part. They have the instinct to hunt and they do retrieve sticks and tennis balls all day long. A while back we built bigger kennels and they seem to love their new home! 

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